Friday, August 31, 2012

Intro & Psychedelic by Material Girl Swatch


First post, yay! I'm still in the process of designing a header and other fancy stuff for this blog but I was too excited to just wait any longer. I just can't shut up! So here we are.

I started painting my nails constantly because it's the one thing my job can't restrain me on. :) Then, it just sort of developed from there, and now, well, I'm hooked. So the story goes for almost any nail polish/nail care blogger on the net. I also did it because my nails were peeeeeeeling like whoa and contrary to a lot of huff and puff, my nails are ten times stronger! Nailtiques 2 also helps. So does a great base coat.

To start off, I have a beautiful color to show you. I just bought it yesterday at Macy's for $3.50! I also bought Guilty Conscience because well, they were half off so why not? Now I'm itching to go back and get their black nail polish with bronze microglitter... I really can't resist a great black! They're from the collection Material Girl which I think is a label Madonna and her daughter created.

Psychedelic by Material Girl

I ALMOST dropped my digital camera while on my way out to my balcony so my index finger suffered the wrath of a not-quite-dry top coat.

The color is beautiful. I used three very thin coats and I almost stopped at one to be perfectly honest because the first coat is this soft pink-y sheer purple. But then I remembered I hate visible nail line. Formula wise, the viscosity is great but definitely wait between coats. I noticed on my right hand that there were a few bubbles. For a shimmer, the brush strokes aren't as obvious as some. Oh, and what didn't translate in the picture is this gorgeous pink micro glitter, which you can sort of see in the bottle.

I'm plotting to use this in a gradient soon. What colors do you think would be great for a gradient  with this?

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