Friday, September 7, 2012

3-2 Nails

I got a new job! This time in management, thank you baby jesus. It's a dangerous job too- for my bank account and for my wallet because 40% off everything = a hell of a lot more shoes. Oh god I love shoes. I could blog about shoes too but nail polish is my true love. This company is also a bit more fashion forward (not that my current location isn't) and hopefully, not as restricting on what I can wear.


Today I have 3-2 nails. What that means is three of my nails are one color, and the other two are a different color. For the colors today, I have Sephora by OPI's High Maintenance which is a gorgeous bright red with orange and yellow undertones. I forgot how much I love this color! I also have China Glaze's Purple Panic on. I wasn't super excited about the color combination  until I had it dried. There's something super duper refreshing about the color combination. I've been very matchy-matchy/color coordinating lately so maybe it has something to do with that. It's new, and it's the last few weeks of summer.

In the shade
In the sun

Yayyy! Now all that I need to do is figure out what in the world I'm going to wear today.

What's your favorite off-beat color combination?


  1. hi michele just wanted to say hi. i like ur designs and i think i should frequent ur blog more often to inspire me to look after my nails more. if u met me ull probably freak out cuz i have the disgusting habit of picking the skin off my fingers and picking my nails :( so ashamed. ill come here more often so i get motivated to grow my nails out and have nice manicures :)
    mandy x

    1. Hi Sweetie!

      Yes, definitely take better care- it will actually improve your health! Chewing and picking at your nails actually can increase your risk of infection. Plus, did you know that under your nails can carry pathogens like staph? Ick!


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