Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Glitter Gradient & a note on Fall

On Pinterest a few weeks ago I saw a beautiful manicure that I needed to recreate. It is called a Mermaid manicure, and it's super easy. My nails look like a million bucks!

Recently, nail art has become a huge trend; to the point that it's actually being used as an accessory. So that makes my life easier- I don't have to wear as much jewelry. I'm not big into jewelry anyway! However, I do love sparkly nails.

This manicure screams summer. Now that labor day is passed and we're getting into September (holy moly!), I only have a few weeks in which I feel like I can rock the super bright colors. I mean, I'll probably wear neons into fall to be perfectly honest, but it will be for nostalgia. I have some great fall looks coming up, however. Among it, I have two series- a wedding/fall-love manicure series, which I'll debut on September 22nd, and a halloween series that I will start in October. I'll be showing how to coordinate fall trends with nail art/manicures and fall events.

On to the nail pictures-

First I painted my nails with Milani's Fresh Teal. I've raved about this before. It's on of my favorite colors and I use it pretty consistently. I actually need to get a new bottle soon. After that dried, I sponged on Wet 'N Wild's Diving for Pearls to create a gradient. I would start at the tips of my nails, when I had the most polish on the sponge, and gradually moved up the nail until I had none. So the color would be concentrated at the tips and sparse towards my cuticles so Fresh Teal shown more.

After that dried, I repeated the same sponging technique with Sally Hansen's Bling-tastic, which is a part of their Gem Crush collection. If you don't have this blue glitter polish, you need it in your collection. It has small blue glitter with larger circle silver glitters. It coats pretty well on its own.

It's super important that you wrap your tips in this mani- the glitter does sit on the very tip of your nail where it's most concentrated. So if you don't wrap your tips, it will chip within a day or so. I mean, you should always wrap the tips but especially so with this mani. It will prevent the glitter from snagging on anything too.

What are you looking forward to most this fall? What is your favorite trend?

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