Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Non-Nail Wednesday

Ok so I worked from 8:30 am until 9:00 pm so yeah this is coming late. :( IM SO EXHAUSTED! I'm doing the same thing tomorrow. Comparatively, Friday is a shorter day and hallelujah I am off on Saturday for once. Training for the new position is fantabulous and life is peachy.

However, I managed to get three pairs of shoes today for mega cheap (we're talking under $35) and some Butter London nail polish for only $11. So, needless to say, Michele is quite the happy camper!

Okay, so here's one of the shoes I purchased today- I also got a pair of nude flats and basic pumps because I actually have more non-basic shoes than I do just plain wear-with-everything. Yeah... that just needs to be corrected.

I'll be pairing these with a caviar mani super soon. No idea what I'll wear with them quite yet but they'll be worn super soon.

Oh, on another note, look for my Julep box post. I got it today and I am super excited for the colors in it. I got a pinky-red and a gold frost.

Whatcha think of the shoes?!

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  1. Eek, where did you find such good deals on the shoes? I love those black ones! I also don't have just basic heels to wear with anything, they all have colors or are for going out. I am a sucker for heels but thicker and a little bit lower ones so I don't fall over lol. I would love to see a picture of the nail polish you bought and your caviar nails!


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