Saturday, September 1, 2012


Happy Saturday! I know most people stateside are enjoying three day weekends so I hope that they're relaxing and/or super fun!

I originally had work today but then I didn't so that means I'm going to enjoy an actual day off. Otherwise, I would have been working 8 days in a row before I had one day off and then started work again.

Last night I also noticed that my top coat was getting goopy again. I already applied thinner to it, so I dragged the Mister to Sally Beauty supply where they had Seche Vite because it's way cheaper there than at CVS. Also added Call of the Wild from China Glaze's Safari Collection.

Today I have a classic look with a little twist- it's your simple french manicure but with the Material Girl Psychedelic I swatched yesterday and then Pure Ice Best Friend for the tips. I did it free hand because I couldn't locate my tape. I originally was going to do a gradient, but couldn't decide on a color! So I kept it simple and refined with the champagne color. However, I'm already over it! My poor nails- from typing, to yoga, to handling clothes (You would think fabric would be nice to handle on a daily basis!), my manicures don't last long.

I've tried several Pure Ice polishes before and can't really complain due to their price point. However, I believe Charlotte Russe sells them and I don't have one near me. Chances are, I probably wouldn't go anyway since on a day-to-day basis I'm wearing fancy clothes like this beautiful wrap dress.

Best Friend is a champagne frost. I'll eventually swatch it, but the end result shows brush strokes. This isn't surprising, considering it's a frost finish, but for that reason I rarely use it for a base. It's similar to OPI's I Only Drink Champagne but is a bit more opaque.

But oh! You can actually see the pink shimmer that I referenced in my last post.

What are your favorite color combinations for a french tip?

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