Sunday, September 2, 2012

Galaxy nails!

Let me start of with saying: I love this manicure.

It's super easy despite how complicated it looks on the nail. All you need is a black base, 3-4 nail polish colors for sponging, a white (or glitter nail polish) for stars, and a cosmetic sponge. I tear my sponges into tiny pieces, but some people have issues with sponge lumps so you can also cut the sponges.

I actually did this on my friend's nails! A few days ago, I walked into work with these nails and she demanded that I do them. So I'm quite happy to do them for her, especially since she's moving away to FL.

But anyway, have a picture!

The weather was pretty icky today- we have the remnants of Hurricane Isaac so unfortunately this was the only good shot I got because lighting was kind of difficult.

I used:

  • Mourning Glory by OPI (Your standard black creme base)
  • Turquoise & Caicos by Essie
  • Purple Dragon by China Glaze
  • Pink Flamingo by Spoiled
  • Snow Globe by China Glaze

Thanks R for providing your fingertips! Enjoy your nails. :)

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