Thursday, September 6, 2012

All You Need Is Love

This manicure was inspired by a client. I was having a rough day until one of my newest clients came to see me. As she was leaving she walked straight up to a manager and said, "Michele deserves a promotion!" Her walk was definitely determined- I was actually terrified for a moment, thinking that she was actually going to complain, or something. It's particularly great because I've been chasing one for god knows how long now. Finally some support!

She made my day. So this manicure is for her- she says she only wears black, grey and navy but an outfit I put together for her proved otherwise!

The base coat is Otherwise Engaged by OPI. It's their Spring 2009 Softshades collection. Even after years of having this- it still applies beautifully even if the dry time leaves me watching tv for two hours. Seriously if I don't have t.v. on or something that doesn't require hands while I do my nails, I will 100% always ruin it.

The hearts are China Glaze Dance Baby and Spoiled Pink Flamingo (the darker/neon pink).

Don't forget to make someone's day- do a random act of happiness. :)

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